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Bath Anticreasing Agent 1025 - 翻译中...

Bath Anticreasing Agent 1025 - 翻译中...

Bath Anticreasing Agent 1025 - 翻译中... contact us
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HT-1025 is a special bath anti creasing agent, which efficiently reduces the friction between fibres and fibres-dyeing tank that prevents creases or scratches, due to its smoothing and softening effects. The main ingredient of anti creasing agent is special polymer dispersion. It can prevent the rope from creasing in the pre-treatment (scouring, boil bleaching), dyeing and post-processing. After using anti creasing agent, it can make the material feel more thick, smooth, and the synthetic fiber fabric more durable hydrophilic, antistatic and easier to decontaminate. Anti creasing agent has the advantages of low foaming and excellent stability, suitable for all kinds of fabrics, especially knitted fabric pretreatment, dyeing, and post-processing. It is also applicable to the printing and dyeing processing. Anti creasing agent is environmental-friendly and non-dangerous, which can be shipped safely.

[Main composition]
Special polymer.

[General properties]

Appearance: colorless to pale viscous liquid
Ionicity: anionic
pH: 5-7
Solubility: easily soluble in water
Stability: stable to hard water, electrolytes, mild acid and alkali

[Product features]

1. Mainly for cotton, polyester and its blends.
2. Efficiently prevents creases of rope fabrics during pretreatment (scouring, boil bleaching), dyeing and finishing.
3. No influence on shade and fastness.
4. No foam and stable to high temperature that can be used in jet dyeing machine and dye bath at 130℃.

General dosage: 1-5 g/L
To achieve best anti-creasing performance, please run the fabrics in softening bath for 5 to 10 minutes, and then run as normal operation.

[Packaging and storage]
125 kg/polyethylene drum, 6 months in sealed container at room temperature

The data contained in this literature are based on our current knowledge and experience. It is imperative that it be tested to determine, to your satisfaction, whether it is suitable for your intended use and application. We shall not take any responsibility in any situation for improper use.

[Sample supply]
If you need samples for testing, please feel free to contact us, we will recommend suitable products according to your requirement.

We can support LCL shipment and FCL shipment, for LCL shipment, we will pack the goods with wool pallet to save the products during transportation.

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